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Q: Is it mandatory to have health insurance?

A: The majority of the people must have qualified health insurance, otherwise should pay an annual penalty deduction on taxes

Q: When is the next open enrollment period for Marketplace health insurance?

A: Between November 1st, 2015 and January 31st, 2016

Q: What should I do if I lose the tax credit to help pay for my plan in Obamacare?

A: You must call the Marketplace to know the reason for the removal of your tax credit, and the steps to recuperating it. Contact us at “Cuidado de Salud” 786-534-2480 !!

Q: Can I change the health plan or company, after the open enrollment period?

A: In general the answer is no, however you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period

Q: Who may qualify for a special period of enrollment?

A: You may qualify for a special enrollment period if you’ve had one of the following life changes within 60 days

  • Change in immigration status
  • Getting married or divorced
  • Having a baby
  • Adopting a child or putting a child up for adoption
  • Moving from residency
  • Leaving incarceration
  • Change in income
  • Losing other health coverage insurance like thru an employer or Medicaid

*NOTE: voluntarily quitting a Marketplace plan mid-year doesn’t qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period.

Q: What are the requirements for your health plan to be effective?

A: 1. Fill out the application and confirm your plan

2. Make the first payment to the health insurance company you chose